Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Trailer Theme ("Collapsing Sun" – Brandon Lau / Position Music)

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Original track can be found here:

This version has been slightly edited to include parts present in the trailer but not in the original track. (Plus some visual accompaniment)

“Collapsing Sun” composed by Brandon Lau is the property of Position Music, this is a non-profit fan-edit, no copyright infringement is intended.

Falling Snow visuals provided by Kosmos Motion Graphics

Promotional Artwork obtained from

Destiny 2: Beyond Light and associated media, assets and intellectual property belong to Bungie Studios. This video is non-monetised and strictly for entertainment purposes.


43 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Trailer Theme ("Collapsing Sun" – Brandon Lau / Position Music)”

  1. Just a little thing I thought I'd edit together for fun, since posting the original track wouldn't really serve much purpose. Hope y'all like it! Pardon the jittery snowfall, my video software is really outdated and doesn't handle fancy effects all that well… just blame it on the Stasis or somethin'.

  2. I have a feeling this expansion is gonna suck. This is the only one I haven’t looked forward to. I feel like the next gen upgrade will be by far the best part and I think bungie is relying on that to hide the suck. Just my opinion and I hope I’m wrong.


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