DESTINY 2 BEYOND LIGHT STORY TRAILER REACTION // Enough to Bring a Lapsed Player Back?

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Destiny 2 is still going strong and this new Destiny 2 Beyond Light story trailer has plenty of interesting and exciting moments but is it enough to bring a previous player, one who used to play for countless hours each and every day, to the game after all this time? This is my Destiny 2 Beyond Light Story Trailer reaction and me basically wondering, should I return to Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light Story Trailer poses all sorts of threats for guardians new and old, it also casts worry over the fate of Variks going into the Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC, a fan favourite character who looks like he might just be next up on the chopping line! I will admit I have not played Destiny 2 since the Forsaken DLC but the game will always hold a special place in my heart, I put countless hours into Destiny and Destiny 2 and every time a new DLC or new trailer is released I find myself feeling compelled to jump back in and get reaquainted with my Guardian.

This new Beyond Light trailer / new Destiny 2 Beyond Light trailer has once again given me that desire to jump back into Destiny 2 once more and take the fight to the Fallen, Europa looks like a compelling new location & the gunplay / mechanics look as tight and enjoyable as ever. Maybe this Destiny 2 DLC will be the one that brings me back for another round of action…

* This Destiny 2 Beyond Light story trailer reaction video contains my own opinions only and is purely centered around my own feelings and views of Destiny 2, as a lapsed player my knowledge is a little patchy so feel free to leave a comment and fill me in on everything I’ve missed *

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22 thoughts on “DESTINY 2 BEYOND LIGHT STORY TRAILER REACTION // Enough to Bring a Lapsed Player Back?”

  1. So, the cliff notes version without being too spoilery:
    The Darkness (Pyramid ships seen at the end of the D2 Red War story and enemy of the Traveller) have finally arrived in the solar system. They've shut down (destroyed?) the Warmind Rasputin and are currently in orbit around several of the planets that are being rotated out of the game in November (Io, Mars and Titan). Rather than outright attacking though they seem to be wanting to persuade Guardians to join their side.
    Whilst this has been going on, Savathun (Oryx's sister) has been interferring and trying to prevent the communications between ourselves and the Darkness. She's brought back Nokris and seems to be wanting to get out of the contract she made with the Darkness millions of years ago.

    We know we're getting Darkness powers in November (Stasis) to go along with the powers we've had since D1. It seems the Darkness has also reached out to the remnants of the Fallen who are now led by Eramis and granted them powers as well. Eramis wants to take revenge on the Traveller for leaving the Fallen to the mercy of the Darkness and the Hive at the end of their Golden Age. Chances are she'll be the campaign final boss as the raid will be taking place in the Deep Stone Crypt, the birthplace of the Exo's. I have a suspicion they're closely linked to the Vex, but nothing confirmed as yet.

    I think that more or less covers it. I dare say Byf or Myelin will be making a video in the run-up to Beyond Light's launch for a more in-depth overview.

  2. The powers the Fallen are wielding is known as Stasis – it’s a new elemental type that is imbued with Darkness, and it allows you to crystallise and fracture your enemies. This new Fallen House is led by Eramis, who has managed to control Stasis. Because the Fallen used to have the Traveler on their side, she feels betrayed by it and wants revenge for how it abandoned them.

  3. You should, for sure, watch the other trailers for beyond light. To put it simply, the fallen are using powers granted by the darkness on Europa and preparing their revenge against the traveler, and we need to use that power for ourselves to stop them.

  4. Someone probably already mentioned it, but Eramis (and the other Fallen) have gained access to some powers of the Darkness, which we will also be getting via new subclasses in the update.

  5. There is a Beyond Light reveal stream that’s like 30 min long. I’d definitely watch it cause it pretty much covers a lot of what’s going on here. There are also some other trailers such as the Europa one and the stasis one so there’s a bit of reaction content for you right there lol.

  6. The ice powers is called stasis and it’s darkness powers and our guardians are gonna have new darkness subclasses just like it and stasis is a whole new element type along side arc, solar, and void

  7. The fallen in this trailer have powers given to them by the Pyramid in the background of this trailer. The Pyramid is the Darkness and it is offering this power to us as Guardians as well. Hence, the name "Beyond Light". Variks is also one of the main reasons that Cayde is dead. (He let Uldren out of prison).

  8. If u want a catch-up, here's a basic summary. SPOILER WARNING IF U DONT WANT TO CATCH UP! Edit: Sorry if the English is rough, I rushed this.

    Forsaken and its seasons:
    A second collapse has been foreseen to happen by the drifter (given visions by the nine), the awoken queen and the cabal emperor calus.
    The Darkness is teased every season to be coming.

    A ship of pure darkness is discovered under the surface of the moon.
    The darkness can create nightmares of a persons past, enemies weve faced, like crota.
    Its dormant for the most part and doesn't seem entirely hostile towards us, actually it seems to be inviting of u.

    Its seasons:
    Season of Undying
    We kill all the undying minds in all times lines, the undying mind has its sight set on the last city and wants it destroyed.
    This alters the timeline so the infinite forest osiris is in starts predicted a new future, one of only darkness.
    This future was predicted to occur before we killed the undying mind (kind of) and it is indicated that our actions have caused the darkness to come to our solar system early and has jumpstarted their arrival so the vex now see no other future but one of darkness.

    Season of Dawn:
    Cabal red legion are trying to use osiris machine, the sundial, which is a time traveling machine to rewrite history and win the red war by going back in time.
    They fuck with time (lol only way to keep this short) so we find a way to find saint 14 in the past and bring him into the present.

    Season of Worthy:
    Cabal red legion r pissed their time travel bs didn't work out, so they literally send the almighty in a crash course with the city.
    Rasputin tells us to build big EP towers, these towers arm his golden age weapons. As the almighty comes to earth we watch a live event take place ingame in the tower where Rasputin destroyed the almighty.
    Rasputin sees many pyramid darkness ships heading in our solar system.

    Season of Arrivals:
    Darkness arrives on 4 worlds and they do not wish to harm us (yet) they arrive in peace, something no one ever expected.
    They try to communicate with us but savathun is afraid we will be more powerful and blocks our comms with the darkness.
    Rasputin (malfunctions or something not clear on that storyline) powers down when doing simulations of attacking the pyramid ships which is highly unsuccessful.
    All those planets r evacuating.

    Beyond light:
    The darkness has not just been inviting us , the fallen (mainly composed of house devels hence the D1 fallen skins other than the snowey gear on them). have also been invited and are harnessing the darkness itself in the form of a new element type in the game stasis. They want revenge on the traveller (the great machine) for abandoning them and now they have abandoned it to embrace the darkness.


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