Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Gameplay Trailer Analysis

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Previewed at the XBox Games Showcase on July 23, a new Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer showed off many of the new Stasis abilities and supers. Join Teawrex as he breaks down the trailer and discusses new Beyond Light info.


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24 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Stasis Gameplay Trailer Analysis”

  1. Man, I think this DLC has the possibility to surpass Taken King. This seems to be a huge step forward for the franchise, and we can already see that with how wild some of these new abilities are

  2. So question, this new stasis power is of the darkness and our ghost are of the light so will our ghost evolve to be able to use the darkness or will we get a new temp ghost while we use the darkness sort of a dark ghost

  3. Theory craft: the stasis power is supposed to be a version of darkness tempered by light right? So if the fallen are able to wield it, at the very least they have access to some form of light

  4. The House of Darkness on Europa does wield the Darkness, thats the whole point of the expansion. Darkness being channeled into a weapon/subclass.
    How the Fallen got it is unknown but the Guardians are gifted Stasis from the Doritos.

  5. The Fallen in this DLC is the revival of the House of Devils
    – Arimis is the Fallen leader who revived it she wants revenge on the traveler
    – Veriks revived the House of Kings and wants to regain the Traveler even if it causes the death of guardians and destruction of the city
    – Methrax leads the House of Light and wants to be allies with the City and is partnering with Saint 14

  6. Ya u can look at the gloves but there are other tells like hunters don't float so it's not a hunter but it's a Titan grenade that freezes everyone because how everyone throws the grenade every class throws differently hunters and Titan throw the grenade pretty similar but still different and warlocks throw it completely different so it's Titan


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