Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid TWAB

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Lono was previously LIVE and read through the weekly Bungie TWAB with info about the Beyond Light Raid..

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14 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid TWAB”

  1. Saturday is actually terrible for a raid release. Weekends are when everybody's kids are home and their wives(and husbands) are home are asking you to do shit. Unless you're a kid home from school a weekday is better. I play almost 50 hours a week but not on weekends, thats family time. It was perfect on Tuesdays and Fridays, just take a day off of work and be home alone with nobody to bother you. Saturdays are WAY to busy for most ppl. I'll have to send my kids to their friends or grandparents. And my wife to the salon or something lol. Most entertainment places are even closed(not where I live though) so ppl can't send their kids to the movies or trampoline Park or something.

  2. I'm upset I will miss the campaign and raid experience on next gen. I got my preorder SPECIFICALLY so I could play Beyond Light at 60fps and 4k with minimal loading times. By December we'll have completed everything from the expansion for the most part. So it's gonna be another YEAR b4 we get to experience a raid and esp campaign the way PC players get to. That's bs they've had YEARS to get ready for next gen so there's no excuse. I guess it's like the late PC launch but that was because another team was mostly making it. They also misleaded ppl, AGAIN, by not telling is this until now. Just like the delay itself they waiting until preorders went out b4 telling us. Beyond Light preorders went live b4 announcing the delay and next gen preorders have all basically sold out b4 telling us we won't get next gen Beyond Light until December. Also maybe Deej just wanted a change but it could also mean Beyond Light is gonna be extremly lackluster and he doesn't wanna face the backlash his position will get if it is.


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