Destiny 2 Beyond Light Leveling Changes

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We were previously LIVE discussing Destiny 2 Beyond Light leveling changes. Bungie announced recently in a TWAB some progression changes for the Beyond Light Expansion. Time Stamps below!

0:00 Start Live
2:46:00 Discussion
4:03:30 Q&A Session




11 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Beyond Light Leveling Changes”

  1. They're doing with vendors what they did in arrivals. They'll all share the world loot pool, like now. They said in a previous twab that the world loot pool will update every season to only include things that can be used infused up to that seasons power cap. So next season, the world loot pool will have weapons with the following icons: dawn, worthy, arrivals and whatever weapons are added with beyond light/hunt power cap.

  2. You have very valid points. I don’t think it’s be too bad for new players. Not in terms of what we had to put up with in base game D2 when we literally needed external apps to calculate what power it would infuse to, mods that added plus powers AND only being able to infuse a hand cannon with hand cannon or sniper for a sniper for example. At least now it’s easier because already across the categories and not weapon and armour types.

  3. from what ive seen end game loot hasn't really gotten any better, so Ill probably be passing on Beyond light, I know its not out yet but when Bungie is not talking about it that means nothing has changed back to division 2

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