Destiny 2: Beyond Light Kinda Funny Live Reactions

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Fran, Andy, and Greg watch Bungie’s excellent Destiny presentation and give their thoughts!


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39 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Kinda Funny Live Reactions”

  1. beyond light "Do you know what side your on", witch queen "I side should always do taken", Lightfall "Even if its the wrong side"….come on do you think will end up choosing to stay with the light with Commander Zavala or follow the drifter in to the darkness.

  2. I just want free online play, but that’s only just a dream. I miss the old days, this generation is just full of dlc, micro transactions, pay to progress and p2w crap. Not to mention mmorpg with peer to peer garbage networking code.

  3. The music of the spheres…. Man when Marty and Mike work together they make wonder, powerful, and emotional music. That's something D2 has been missing. The music is good, but just… Doesn't have the depth like when Marty was there.

  4. I got into Destiny in the pre-launch beta and have fell in love with the franchise. But over the past couple of years, it has become kind of boring and lazy. The lack of any metric in the game for "becoming legend" is just wrong. The sunsetting is taking all the fun out of the game just to force more grind for the same weapons. New light might be fun but I will not get on the hype train anymore. I will withhold judgment till it launches. Kind of tired of being disappointed by Bungie's idea of controlled gameplay. Not to mention the reskin reuse skills of the Destiny team are annoying as hell.

  5. Not to talk about current events, just to comment: Bungie handled that right. I think they did better than CD Projekt Red in that regard, with delaying their Cyberpunk update, instead of taking the time to say something. Kudos to Bungo

  6. I used to love that first strike, even on beta.. I used to play that shit so much 😂 i remember the first time I ever tried to do it, it took ages to just get past the tank lmao

  7. That is Not a Ghost [13:37]. (if it turns out to be of a similar function, but then again Not one from the [Light] apparently. let alone that thing's Physical design of the [Traveler]'s Ghosts).


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