Destiny 2 – Beyond Light is NOT WORTH IT

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light just isn’t worth it to me. No focus on core activities is going to ruin this game.



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35 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Beyond Light is NOT WORTH IT”

  1. I knew my opinion would be controversial, but the amount of people in the comments defending a company who only sees them as dollar signs is pretty hilarious. I never said the content will be bad, but already they've shown me this isn't worth $50

  2. Watching this now with all the info we get, it makes total sense that beyond light is returning, cosmodrome is coming back with all of its strikes, deep stone crypt is the new raid and it looks like it might be able to rival last wish in terms of the fun factor, later on in 2021 we get vault of glass exclusive to beyond light players, and we get 12 new exotics and probably a whole lot more to come (these 12 don’t include season of hunt exotics either, I do think it may not be worth the 40$ but I think theirs a lot more content then we think and bungie is hiding things from us

  3. Hope you see this comment because I think you’re dead on. Deleted my Reddit account yesterday after posting a question on how much content is going to be in beyond light. When TTK was announced I remember that Bungie gave a numbered amount of strikes, story missions, crucible maps, etc. before launch. But bungie has been extremely quiet about a numbered amount of content for beyond light and it makes me suspicious. Monetarily speaking since this is a $40 dlc it should be at least the size of TTK OR forsaken. But I was called ludicrous for even asking such a question. Since shadowkeep was so small this dlc could even be smaller if bungie felt like it. It’s sad seeing people defend such an anti consumer company.

  4. Now I know this is a late statement but hear me out. Yes they are overcharging for the amount of content being added. But it’s like this; you 50 $100.00 vehicles that work pretty decent right. Or you get 3 really nice modifies refined vehicles and a very high price of $1500.00 each not realistic numbers but you get the ideas. See it’s not the amount of content that is pushed for the numbers it’s both the quality and the quantity that decide the price. See beyond light might have less content but it’s like the game shouldn’t be priced into on the amount of content. Like think of mass produced products vs handcrafted products. The mass produced stuff is less quality but there is more of it. It is cheaper that having hand crafted products. Which are far mor fine. As of today I am very hyped for the next season and the launch of year 4

  5. When they first announced this i had the exact same thought, they're removing so much content which isnt even that old and yet adding so little, maybe there will be activities they havent announced yet to fill in the void, i cant see 1 new strike and a few new abilities keeping players entertained until the next expansion.

    Also what about those who didnt want to buy the expansion but still wanted to continue enjoying the content they had already purchased, they've essentially lost 80% of the game.

  6. Clickbait title and thumbnail, insulting people who support Bungie and just pure complaining about stuff.
    Beyond Light isn't about pure content, its about bringing D2 to next gen, engine optimization, first steps into cross-platform gameplay, redoing new player experience etc.
    Fans demand old content brought back, and that can't be done ctrl-c ctrl-v like some people think, it takes time.
    Cosmodrome is expanded.
    Most crucible/gambit maps that are taken away have long been out of rotation.

    Taking content away that people paid for isnt optimal, but it takes space and makes updating the game more difficult. And most people don't even play the content anymore they complain is taken away. They would complain, if Bungie didn't do anything to optimize the game, complain if they would drop D2 and made D3, Bungie can't do anything.

    This video didn't educate people about BL or DCV, didn't discuss the value of it, it's just hate-mongering.

  7. Man, during the last few weeks… The artifact and battle pass system stays, meaning it will still be a bounty simulator for ranks. Crucible is seeing absolutely no changes, we are getting no sandbox changes. Pardon me but improving aim assist for scout rifles and giving us an additional rocket for rocket launchers ain't gonna cut it. We are going to get 50% less bright dust for the only thing driving the game, the new ornaments, ships, sparrows which should be earned through gameplay activities for people who pay max edition price like me with Shadowkeep. Game is free to play, why not leave most microtransactions only to players playing for free? Activision is no longer whipping Bungie. Why the fuck then is Bungie still using and building upon these Activision practices? They revealed roadmap recently and bruh… no dungeon, 1 new strike, only 1 new planet and the other planet is only 30% size of Destiny 1 Cosmodrome. What the fuck is so complicated with next gen consoles to give us the whole Cosmodrome with Plaguelands? This is inexcusable. We got one new raid in Forsaken, one new raid in Black Armory and now out of a sudden it's a problem to give us back to back dungeons in two seasons in a row? Pardon me but isn't Bungie supposed to be more free and be able to release more content since they have waaaaaay more resources since they no longer have to give any kind of share of anything they earn to Activision but all the money they earn can go into content making and studio growth? Man I don't know you I'm just so freaking pissed during last few weeks seeing Beyond Light asking more for less than Shadowkeep and all those Twitch streamers and stars and hype blind people in Bungie trailer comment sections hyping up the game wherever they can like a bunch of brainless zombies who can't see this is the fraud of the year. Bungie had a deal with Activision until last year to release one game and 2 DLCs. Just like with Destiny 1 and 2. Firstly they released Destiny 1, then 2 yearly DLCs, then they released Destiny 2 with 2 yearly DLCs, now we should get all 3 DLCs they announced this November, Beyond Light, Witch's Curse, Lightfall. They gave them a name. A name. Which is a hint that the DLCs are done, they are finished. They are finished because they had them all prepared according to deal with Activision and instead of pushing the borders further we get to pay 50€ for a new DLC (I say 50 because nobody is going to be starring at the screen looking at the locked content because they didn't pay 40 + 10 season). 50€ for each year for a game that would be released this November under Activision for 72€ as a standalone game a Destiny 3 consinsting of those 3 DLCs Bungie revealed. This is a complete fuck up and we finally get to see true Bungie's colors that it's not just Activision who's the bad guy here but Bungie being even better in fucking with us than Activision was. For me personally, I wanna see the game fail with Beyond light. I wanna see all those morons defending their beloved Destiny and beloved Bungie all those streamers all those "crucible celebrities" realize what Bungie just did. To me by doing this Bungie just joined an exclusive company of 2k, EA and Activision. Now we can add to these fucked up companies Bungie as well.

  8. I'd love to see a video from you about Beyond Light, Witch's Curse, Lightfall that should be a base game part of Destiny 3 that would come this November. I think this should spread to people. I call it fraud of the year. We should get 3 DLCs for 70€ instead we are supposed to pay 50€ for a DLC each year. Holding onto finished content to keep us occupyed with embarrasing seasonal activities and pursuits with quality of heroic public event only and ONLY to be exhibited to their Eververse microtransactions for longer and to eventually spend more money on Eververse through those 3 years than we normally would If they released all those 3 planet DLCs at once this year as a Destiny 3 update. Instead of spitting to Activision's face with not releasing Destiny 3 as a standalone game as they would wish and as a DLC update Bungie decided to separate the full release into three years to earn more on microtransactions.

  9. I personally am excited to see how the expansion will change pve and pvp with stasis. It’s good that they are ironing out bugs and sheer capacity of the current game, making more space for future content. The fact they have hinted at further sub classes in the future is also really exciting. On a personal note I wish they would make all nightfalls and trials match made if you can not get a team to run from a clan or if you play solo.

  10. i refunded my pre order and i think i would rather sleep on this expansion you made a fair and true point personally i think bungie is slightly stabbing its fanbase in the back doing some of the stuff they do for destiny 2 :/

  11. Excellent video and after ages considering and almost getting the deluxe I've decided to wait. Been a player since D1 when started I love the game but all you say is spot on, especially we can load up D1 and play the strikes now. Plus I can spend the money on cyperpunk or even assassin's that no doubt will have much more content. Will get beyond light soon but will wait to see what happens. Thankyou

  12. I really want the expansion to be good, but I'm gonna take a little breather and let some content pile up. Probably get game pass ultimate to get this expansion. I worry about the game's loot grind the most. The core activities are what carry the game long term, and they don't seem to want to focus on that. Most of what they're doing is for story aspects, which I do really like. But just adding regular random rolled strike specific loot to each regular strike and having vendor refreshes would do wonders for the game. That is probably the one thing I miss most from D1. I overall agree with your opinion, but I can still understand why people feel otherwise. Good Video.

  13. Guys destiny 1 wasn’t perfect, but u could feel that the developers put some love in the game. But now? Destiny 2 story was shit the 2 expansions were shit, forsaken was just okay but why kill cayde. And now..the game just boring. I just wish they wouldn’t recycle every shit they have

  14. Look at all the mindless drones disliking the video because someone questioned the value of an overpriced "expansion" from their overlords bungie! 😂 it's the price of a full game and they are removing more than they are adding, 1 new strike is an insult and so is the amount of exotics: 2 armor per class plus 5 weapons with one being from the 1st game! Ghost of tsushima has more content in its free update -including a raid…..and monster hunter world had free content for 3 years…..wake up people

  15. I think its really about the quality, like we'll never get a forsaken bungie is just to small,
    But shadow keep was disappointing, not just because it was small it also wasn't high enough content

  16. I highly don't agree with any of your opinions, but you do have some factual points. but this game brings me joy in the hard times. and this expansion will help me more so i dont have to do the same things every day

  17. I don't think you understand the gravity of the actual most important change coming with Beyond Light… The Tiger engine overhaul.

    Why do you think a full re-download and 14hr maintenance window are required for this next update? If it was a simple add/remove we'd have gotten 6-8hrs of downtime and a simple client-side patch…

    Bungie servers are being given full authority over, and access to, the game state. Further, missions are from this point on being handled by their physics host. Destiny 2 is being ported to the equivalent of "dedicated servers." Which are, by the way, something people don't typically understand when they whine about them.

    To put it bluntly, we no longer connect to Bungie servers to facilitate P2P matchmaking with our local clients set to check in every few seconds… We'll be running on them. This is nothing but a boon for things like mission and raid mechanics, enemy AI, weapon and exotic Perks, melee and bullet registration, and CHEATING…

    Edit: it's also guaranteed how they even managed to achieve player created objects with Stasis abilities. This is likely going to be the last content update where they support XB1 and PS4, because the physical objects from Stasis are going to be an absolute nightmare for old hardware to handle.

  18. Bungie: "We don't know how to make a new game and make it better so were cutting content out of the old game and making it cost like a new game"
    People with under room temp. IQ: "Okay take my money"

  19. It's not "content" if no one plays it. Watched the video to the end, but it REALLY feels like a clickbait video and you just whining that you can't revisit old dumb stuff that no one needs.

    That was 30G of wasted SSD space for me and I'm glad it's gone.


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