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Destiny sequel stops with destiny 2 and destiny 3 will never be a thing as bungie has mentioned as this is not the right direction for large game like destiny to reset all players progress and set the players experience back that took almost a year for them to reset and repair.
Instead bungie is working on two different sustainable ecosystem,
first one is the DCV – Destiny Content Vault where they will store some old destinations and related activities each year to make room for new experience, The second ecosystem they are working on is the next generation support as whatever console you own destiny 2 will come with you to your next generation console with no extra cost. So if you own a copy of destiny 2 in xbox one and you upgrade to xbox series X the same destiny 2 and all its character and progress will be transfer over by a smart delivery and that goes to ps4 to ps5 as well.
Bungie also talks about inter-genaration play where if you own a ps4 and your friend owns a ps5 you can both play together, same goes to xbox users. This year they are introducing inter-genaration cross play and next year they are hoping to put together a cross play where all this platform can play in same ecosystem.
‘Beyond the Light’ which is the new DLC coming this fall, kicks off on 22nd of September this year and with that we will have a brand new destination – Europa which is the smallest of all Jupitar’s moon and cosmodrome which is one of the first area from earth returning from destiny 1.
So with all this new locations us guardians get to wield a new damage type called stasis. so Its not just a new super or ability, its a new elemental damage type same like Arc, void and solar, wielded from darkness to slow things down, we can see hunter uses it as some kind of throwing axe, warlocks has sphere and not too sure about titan to me it looks like some kind of stasis hand that you would smash the ground with.
With that we’ll be able to put our hand on some great new exotics, the do looks like a brand new rocket launcher and sword from golden age.
There will be 3 new raid with this expansion. we all know by now the our favourite Vault of glass raid will be one of them as Bungie mentioned including a totally new raid called ‘Deep Stone Crypt’ in the brand new location Europe
Bungie didn’t just stop there. they have already teased us with two other new DLC which are to be released ‘The Witch Queen’ in 2021 and ‘lightfall’ which the name could change in future and is scheduled to release on 2022.
And of course the new expansion is already in market for pre-order right now in three different forms.
With the Deluxe pre-order edition you’ll get –
Exotic Rimed Ghost shell
Legendary emblem
Full year seasonal content thats next 4 season pass
Freeze Tag Exotic Emote
No Time To Explain Exotic pulse rifle , catalyst and ornament
And ‘any other’ sky exotic sparrow
With the Collector’s pre-order Edition you’ll get –
everything included in deluxe edition (digital code only)
Die-cast splinter of darkness replica with lights
The Europa Explorer’s Bag
The Europa Explorer Canteen
Mysterious Logbook
Other discoveries from Europa

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