Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Deluxe Edition/Pre-order Exclusive Bonus Items (Quick Showcase)

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Just a quick look at what you get for pre-ordering Beyond Light, as of now. The deluxe edition (what I purchased ) contains both this and the Stranger’s Bundle which includes the No Time to Explain, a Sparrow and a few other goodies, I’ll have a video on that in September!

Overall this bonus is much better than what we’ve had previously. The Shadowkeep one was very meh, although the Ghost was nice and the original releases one was actually quite good because we got Coldheart out of it which at the time was pretty awesome given it was the only Trace Rifle going, but the Collector’s was still a bit better imo.
Anyway let me know what you think of this years pre-order stuff!


47 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Deluxe Edition/Pre-order Exclusive Bonus Items (Quick Showcase)”

  1. i am a new destiny 2 player just wondering if i buy the new upcoming dlc pre-order will i get the pre-order bonus after purchase or do i have to wait till the dlc to come out to receive the items idk if the content creators just get them instant or something like just wondering that

  2. I pre-ordered the game i have Showdowkeep and below but not Beyond Light is that supposed to happen or Pre-ordered Destiny 2 player have to buy the dlc.
    Cause I Can't find it anywhere in my add-on's

  3. HELP PLEASE! I bought the pre order and installed it but I did not get any of the items (ghost shell, emblem). I tried master rahool, nothing. Anyone had this issue, any advice?

  4. I am on XB and had problems but I was able to get it.

    I pre ordered that biggest one deluxe Edition I guess it was. Everything DL except that ghost, emote and emblem. I read online what XB ppl are supposed to do when it doesn’t show up after DL-ing everything.

    After everything DL, press the XB on controller, screen will pop open, then you will see my games and apps. Press start on the D2 profile, manage games and add ons. Under install you should see ready to install. That’s where my 3 missing items are. Then manually DL those missing items.

    If you see them there. Start up D2 then go to tower and talk to master rahool. Then you should see your missing 3 items there above where it says exotic gear

  5. If your having problems with the rewards not showing heres what to do:

    Exit out and restart your game but dont go back in. Next go to your games and apps and hover over destiny 2, then click the button with the 3 lines and go to manage game. Finally find your dlc content and click install. After everythings done downloading log in to destiny 2 then go to master rahool in the tower.

  6. Here is some very important info on the Deluxe/Pre-order stuff that people will want to know ALSO the Emote is Deluxe and Collector's exclusive!
    When pre-ordering Destiny 2: Beyond Light, players will be granted access to multiple in-game bonuses., those being.
    Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell
    (Any version, through pre-order only)
    Legendary Emblem
    (Any version, through pre-order only)
    Exotic Freeze Tag Emote
    (From Deluxe or Collector's)
    These items are available at Master Rahool in the Tower after you have placed your pre-order.
    If you pre-order the Collector’s Edition through the Bungie Store, a code for these pre-order incentives will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours.
    If you pre-order any edition through Xbox, please be sure to download the “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Pre-Order Pack” and “Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Emote” packages prior to signing in to Destiny 2.
    Pre-order items will not be available until this is installed.
    You may need to close the game application and relaunch if these items are not available after installing the above mentioned packages.
    Destiny 2: Beyond Light should become available on PlayStation later today (June 18).

  7. So I'm torn between the bundle with one season pass and the deluxe with the sparrow and all season passes. Anyone think the sparrow will enter the shop after preorder?

  8. I bought it and didn’t get anything, then I restarted my game and got the ghost, emblem, and emote, but I didn’t get the No Time to Explain. Why? Is it a bug?

  9. So i pre ordered beyond light deluxe edition and I’ve downloaded the instant access items the emote the ghost shell and emblems but I’ve only been able to pick up the emote from rahool. Can anybody tell me where I can pick up the ghost shell and emblem from? Please and thank you

  10. It says season passes I didn't get them in fact I didn't get any of the stuff in it what do I do plus does actually give me the free seasons including the current one or not I need help

  11. OK about the bundle I bought the bundle because it said it would give me all the other DLC‘s because I just switched to PC but he didn’t give me any of them I restarted steam I restarted destiny and I still haven’t gotten them and I’m kind of pissed that I just spent 75 bucks on not even all the DLC‘s I picked up my shitty ghost And all the other shit but I still haven’t gotten all the DLC’s


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