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In this Destiny 2 video I show you how to get two warmind cell weapons before Beyond Light! Prep for the new expansion with these guns! The Seventh Seraph SMG and the Ikelos SMG both produce Warmind cells when paired with a warmind armor mod, like Global Reach. These are easy weapons to farm from the Prismatic Recaster by focusing your umbral engrams.

0:00 Intro
0:59 Warmind Cells
3:54 Weapons
8:09 Outro

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19 thoughts on “Destiny 2: BEST WARMIND CELL WEAPONS TO GET BEFORE BEYOND LIGHT (from focused Umbral Engrams)”

  1. If you're familiar with Warmind Cells, skip to 03:54 for the weapons <3

    I definitely want to dive deeper into warmind cells and builds for them, but I'm going to wait 'til Beyond Light for our armor stuff to change.

  2. Help do you have a video on how to get reverie armor mind you I've been playing off and on the past 6 years I hope Union City did forsaken the whole campaign but doublelist I'm getting the armor and the sniper rifle plus the emblem trying to get Wayfarer that's what I need and I need the shotgun from Mars those six things Wayfarer title

  3. Great suggestions. I would also recommend everyone get Wrath of Rasputin and Rage of the Warmind. Wrath makes it so solar splash damage creates warmind cells and Rage adds solar splash damage to cell explosions. So you can potentially keep chaining Warmind cells since every explosion will usually keep making more.

    Also Wrath makes it so any weapon with solar splash damage can trigger cell creation just like the Ikelos and Serapth weapons. Stuff like Sunshot, Xeno, solar grande launchers work great. Also any solar granade, and weapons with a solar dragonfly effect work too. It's a lot of fun.

  4. I've got that roll for the Ikelos but the VY-7 with ambitious and Dragonfly sounds more fun than my Feeding frenzy roll. I'm no fan of firing when crouched but apparently it procs after sliding so it can be valuable perk for the slidy PvP players as it does give a few decent boosts. Thanks for the video, I'll be sure to focus some VY-7s and hope to get lucky.

  5. sooooo…..i tried using the cells a few times. They were not bad….i just had more luck with other mods. i will have to look more into them after beyond light drops because they are getting rid of my armorment mods that i haven't taken off since i got them because unlimited heavy ammo is OP AF am i right?. i always thought the cells were gonna leave after the next expansions comes as mars is leaving and Rasputin is all mini exo guy now. i just dont know what will work for me after this. maybe ill go back to booper which is OP too. players sleep on it but its my go to when im pissed and want this dead. im rambling now lol sorry and carry on keep up the great work. looking forward to next vid 🙂


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