Destiny 2 | Best FUSION for BEYOND LIGHT | DON'T Delete this | 1360 MAX Light Fusion rifle

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BEST Weapons for BEYOND LIGHT Destiny 2! Make sure to farm this Badass fusion for the Destiny 2s new expansion

0:00 – Hello you beautiful people! | Weapon introduction
1:07 – Weapon perks and setup overview
4:40 – Beautiful and badass gameplay the best place to get copyright free music!!!

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30 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | Best FUSION for BEYOND LIGHT | DON'T Delete this | 1360 MAX Light Fusion rifle”

  1. lol it's me again from earlier but YESS, my favourite fusion finally gets the spotlight. Ya love to see it! Amazing vid showing this absolute bad boi :). I have a forsaken version of it with back-up plan and hip fire grip but can't seem to get a better re-issued version 🙁

  2. is it just me or was the ending too abrupt? especially at 11:13. apart from that, great video as always and you should not have survived that lol at 9:15 look at this guys luck folks. DAMN! :O
    PS: off topic but since i kept telling myself il do the exotic weapon missions later and piling them up so far….now that they are going away this nov my brain capacity is burning out grinding for them
    🙁 and i still hv so many things to do argh!

  3. I never was a huge fan of fusions when I started playing. In pve I used them but rarely and in pvp almost never. This changed when Season10 Iron Banner “forced” me to use fusions. At first it was struggling as hell but the more I played I started to develop appreciation to fusion rifles. Since then I use fusions much more frequently. The Fusion Rifle I used during the IB quest was (drum roll) Main Ingredient! Nothing fancy, just backup plan and snapshot. And oh man, this was the F. Rifle that really sold me fusions. Now I have a collection with masterworked fusions with relatively low charge time with perks like snapshot, quickdraw, Vorpal weapon or hipfiregrip and backup plan. I have also one with shield disorient and shieldbreak which is more pve than pvp but really helpful during pve activities or gambit. So yeah I can totally feel your love and appreciation towards Fusion Rifles especially to Main Ingredients. 🙂

  4. I love fusion rifles but haven't found my god roll Main Ingredient… If it doesnt have projection fuse and a range sight it's getting sharded… higher range keeps the bolt spread tight for more consistent shot

  5. If I could even get in the game then I would grind for a decent roll. Keep getting froze starting the game up and for the past 24hrs I’ve tried everything to sort it. It’s now upto either Bungie or Microsoft to sort out connection issues because it’s nothing on my end.


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