Destiny 2: 150/140 RPM Hand Cannons Merged, Mountaintop Nerfs – Beyond Light Sandbox Preview

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Bungie’s sandbox preview is out and while most of the changes were expected, one in particular surprised the community. The 150 RPM archetype of hand cannons will be merged into the 140 archetype and the only 150 RPM hand cannon remaining will be Sunshot. Mountaintop was slapped with the nerf bat, along with Falling Guillotine. That and more in today’s recap. Subtitles have been cleaned.

Patch Notes – 0:00
My Thoughts – 7:02

Here’s some stuff that I’d really like to say in a more public setting, but probably won’t: I’m really tired of the dramatics that I see every single time patch notes come out. I feel like I’m one of few people who thinks that the weapon sandbox as a whole is actually pretty solid. Is everything perfect, no, of course not. But, for example, people are being so incredibly dramatic about the 140 to 150 RPM changes, more than I think is deserved over a 57ms delay in shooting a follow up shot. It ain’t D1 anymore folks, there are going to be other weapons that are viable now. It is not hand cannon city anymore. Other things are good too now.

I also don’t think people look at things within the context of the future, but rather look at them right now. Yeah, 140s are gonna seem less strong if you look at them the way the game is right now, but that’s not the situation we’re in. I don’t think it is the end of the world for hand cannons, I really don’t. I just think you need to be smarter about where you choose to engage.

I don’t think Falling Guillotine’s nerf means swords are dead. If you didn’t think a nerf was going to happen, I really don’t know what to tell you.

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41 thoughts on “Destiny 2: 150/140 RPM Hand Cannons Merged, Mountaintop Nerfs – Beyond Light Sandbox Preview”

  1. Im just over here pissed i can't do pve purely to get ace of spades.

    I paid 30 dollars for the dlc. Its a purely pve dlc. Then they give you ace. But wait, you did pve for 4 hours, and some of the ace unlocks are pve. "Lets throw pvp in there!"

    What the FUCK, bungie? Not everyone wants to do pvp. If you wanted it to be obviously pvp to get you shouldn't have released a pve DLC.

    And all these toxic destiny 2 players have the goddamn nerve to call you "lazy" and to "stop whining"

    I spent 30 dollars, put in 4 hours of my time, got my hopes up before getting slapped with the pvp hammer.

    It's not us being lazy, it's bungie forcing pvp on people in a PVE DLC YOU PAID MONEY FOR.

    Fuck you bungie.

  2. Rip PVP. Adept + CBMM ends the casual PVP experience. The strong just got stronger. Cue ‘git gud’ comments. Not going to happen. I accept my place in PvP. I used to enjoy PvP. The gap just got widened too far though.

  3. If Mountaintop is to be nerfed once and for all, Bungie NEEDS to remove Micro Missile. If they remove Micro Missile, the weapon becomes a proper legendary weapon. A perk like Micro Missile belongs on an Exotic, not some stupid grenade launcher that is tied to Crucible. Bungie can do anything to that weapon, but as long as Micro Missile remains a thing, the weapon will be ridiculously good, and it won't matter if it is capped at 1250. Sweats and trash-tier scumbags are going to keep using the weapon and making the Crucible worse for everybody else.

  4. Love the removal of lightweight handcannons. Spare rations and its carbon copy dire promise have been top tier since… well always.

    Sad to see no fusion or linear fusion pve buffs, whens the last time we used them in PVE?

    Hopefully multi-rocket mags are introduced as an archetype or perk on new rockets.

  5. Hcs are only good on PC. There really not all that on console and that as well as other reasons is why console metas are always so trash. HCs are basically being destroyed for console players starting with Beyond Light and it makes me question if even want to continue playing this game. The meta this season and last season on console has been sidearms, autos, Revoker, Beloved, Astral, Felwinters, Arbalest, Bastion, MT. This next season it will be Arbalest, V wing, sidearms, shotguns, some autos here and there whether they be 720s or 600s and Cold Denial, Bastion etc… Again this is on console. Real hcs have never been meta on console. Not once in D2s entire lifetime. I love hcs and this makes me just not very interested in the game. Hcs are being nerffed AGAIN because they are just too viable on PC. Bungie really didn't try at all to balance 140s against 15ps either. They didn't give 140s the ease of use buff they needed. They nerffed range on hcs making them all have the same terrieble range etc… were not getting a clash playlist, were getting minimal sandbox changes and in those changes hcs are being destroyed other than Sunshot for whatever reason and broken easy cheesy guns like Bastion, sidearms, Arbalest are not even being nerffed. Revoker isn't being nerffed cuz hey I guess sunsetting is the same as sandbox balancing and who cares about comp, rumble, elim, or anything else am I right?! As long as it can't be used in trials or in IB I guess thats good enough right?! No wrong. Bad Bungie. Im so tired of best things in the game also being the easiest to use. Im tired of this game not rewarding or encouraging skill. So let's continue. Trials is not getting any new gear and the adept weapons are honestly gonna be kind of pointless becuase you will not be able to have icarus on them so no point of going for any of those. Trials is not being fixed which is hilarious because it really is just the easiest fix ever. Just do it the same as D1 but nah Bungie insists on doing things kind of like D1 but just worse in every way. Still no tokens when u lose. Still only one bounty that rewards loot. There should be flawless only armor but there will not be. You should be rewarded double the amount of tokens that we get currently if we must continue on with this terrieble token system but that will not be the case. Let's continue. Flinch is not being fixed. Supers and heavy ammo aren't being tuned. Arifact and seasonal mods(now legacy mods that last forever) will still be in PvP. Theres also no new pvp maps this season so yea… where's that renewed focus on pvp again?! Where's the catering to hardcore players again?! Maybe im just blind but I don't see any of that?? Looking forward to another trash meta and no incentive to play Trials!! Also can't wait to keep seeing Revoker in comp!! Can't wait for more stupid mods and more PvE mini games that I just love so much! Can't wait for a new easy raid and a bunch of new cheesy easy content! Can't wait for some new easy exotic quests! What happened to this game man?! This isn't Destiny anymore. This is a mobile game/participation trophy. Destiny has so much potential but it won't be reached with D2. Now that Bungie is focused on Matter im assuming we're just going to keep getting meaningless lackluster content until the end of Destiny. This last year of destiny has been really bad and I was hoping we could turn it around here but yea…. maybe next year lol should've just made a D3 but whatever


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