Bungie ViDoc – Destiny 2: Forged In the Storm

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light marks the beginning of the next era of Destiny and Bungie developers are here to discuss it all.


25 thoughts on “Bungie ViDoc – Destiny 2: Forged In the Storm”

  1. i only expect 4 things from beyond light. 1: no time to explain is still full auto like in d1. 2: an acutally good kenetic primary. ….ive been searching for 3 seasons…. 3: fps option on console since my eyes can track 30 better. and i focus better with it. (no seriously. i tested my eyes on this.) 4: when vault comes out vision my fav scout from y1 better be able to drop with full auto explosive.

  2. 9:30 …So warlocks are getting a basic ad clearing exotic? You know, every class can already do that by hitting right mouse with FG right?

    Welp. Guess I'm a hunter main again. Maybe next season bois.

  3. I was worried about the split from Activision because of how much I like and play this game and with the canceled D3 but with everything there announcing about this game seems like there going to be alright lol. Destiny is the only game I play on ps4 and most likely the ps5. Everything about this expansion looks sick af good job to everyone that made this happen thank you

  4. I like how they name Uldren, crow, now. His name was crow back in 2013 before they had to scrap a lot and rebuild. Pretty cool. Maybe this is the story he was sort of originally supposed to have.

  5. Bungie, hey, it looks like you want to give us something like, you already own to us!!!!
    A better Destiny with some new content etc and honestly, Bungie, this is look like exaxtly what we was looking for to keep us looking forward for this game at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now we veterans do have something to keep looking forward at this game and ofcourse it is a great apertunity for New Lights to get in to it, now that, the whole game is changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just keep on the good work and as you said……''Good days are coming for Destiny''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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