Broman's Thoughts On The Delay For Beyond Light (Destiny 2)

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Broman’s Thoughts On The Delay For Beyond Light (Destiny 2)

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22 thoughts on “Broman's Thoughts On The Delay For Beyond Light (Destiny 2)”

  1. I understand the delay, but the release window now is perhaps the worst possible choice Bungie could have put themselves in. With the already crowded games releasing in November, and with current events, AND with this DLC being 50 dollars, they're now in the position where if they don't make a spectacular DLC, the majority is going to not purchase it and bounce to other games that have more content for almost the same price.

  2. For me personally, I need some time to finish my seals, and I also need a small break from the game. Sure, the delay sucks, but i'd rather the team take a bit longer and drop a polished product rather than a rushed buggy mess. Id imagine taking out the 4 planets and streamlining the story and progression is a harder task than we all think

  3. Great video, Broman, I really need to watch more of your stuff. In fact, a lot of viewers would do well to watch content creators like yourself, more than focusing on the games you're all playing. You're a personable bunch, you deserve support and fans.

    In regard to the topic, yeah, game devs, especially developers of live service games, are caught between a massive rock and a sharp hard place, in that players desperately want content immediately, and if they want to deliver, they need to risk crunch. On the other, if they take too long between releases, players get impatient, and if they stew too long, they get conspiratorial, and angry, and bitter, and end up leaving on bad terms, a torrent of flames and smoke and blood in their wake as they try to convince the rest of the community to come with them because F those devs who hate us. So yeah, Bungie taking longer to polish Beyond Light, that in and of itself is a good thing.

    My bigger concern, though, is the amount of paid content going away. And even if we put aside how non-consumer friendly it is that players are losing content they paid for…the thing I'm becoming more concerned about is how quickly longtime players, some of whom think losing tons of older content is a good idea, will get bored of the new content, with so little of the old to space it out. At least if the new expac comes and the new strikes and raid and patrols get interspersed between visits to the old staples, you'd both have time to miss older places, as well as appreciation for the new places that freshen up the experience. With so many strikes being removed, for example, how quickly will the new Strike Playlist(s) become grindy as hell with so little variety? Same with the new raid, many raids are being removed, so will people only have one raid, maybe two, to run when Beyond Light drops? One of them I guess is Vault of Glass from Destiny 1?

    That doesn't seem good at all. And none of the reasonings people have given me have either added up or seem to bode well for the game going forward, based on how communities tend to feel.

  4. Honestly another reason this delay is good is because it allows people to catch up on quests or things in Destiny and allow more time for new people to explore and experience the red war campaign and so on.

  5. Keep in mind: Delayed content is nearly always a good thing. Go play some Apex Legends or something for a week, stop burning yourselves out on Destiny every single day. I play Destiny one day and then Apex the next, on and off. Usually. And it seriously helps. Took more of Season of the Worthy off without being mad about it. Whatever. Bad Seasons will happen. But Beyond Light? I have high hopes for that launch Season and the following year. A six week delay is actually long enough to put those final touches on content that otherwise would have been cut. It's another month and a half for the team to continue to receive and review feedback. Maybe stuff a few more armour mods in there. Who knows.

  6. im just hoping after this extra 2 months we dont see the insane amount of bugs we have over the last few seasons. gonna be pretty upset if it comes out and theres still a ton of big bugs

  7. If you're on PlayStation and you've preordered it then check your emails because they are asking you if you want a refund due to the delay I've gotten it and it says that they will automatically refund it if you don't respond soon enough

  8. Sadly, I believe that this season was going strong so far. The delay is going to stretch out this season and give us more time where nothing new happens for weeks at a time. It's going to start to feel in that aspect more like last season, which was very dull.

  9. the only thing i didnt like about this whole thing was that they gave us a release date a month ago when they most likely knew they werent prepared to drop it on that actual date that was kind of a scummy move but i dont care about the delay

  10. how is it being closer to cyberpunk and assasins creed and what not a content creator problem??? you are the guys that stream multiple hours a day, while your average jo is the one that has only 2-3 hours a day he can play and there for cant play all the game when they come out. i for one will play shadowkeep until cyberpunk is out and then will play that for most of the time until i get bored of that, be that after a week or after a month.


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