Beyond Light Exotic Perks and Breakdown (ALL EXOTICS SO FAR) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Our Beyond Light Weapons and Armor Trailer dropped this morning, revealing exotic perks and even a new exotic catalyst. Today we’ll be giving these Beyond Light New Exotics a breakdown and go over each of these new exotics individually.

00:00 Intro
00:16 Trailer Replay
02:02 Breakdown Begins
02:51 No time to Explain
03:47 Cloudstrike
05:01 The Lament
06:12 Icefall Mantle
07:19 Mask of Bakris
08:42 Athrys’s Embrace
09:53 Dawn Chorus
10:51 Necrotic Grip
11:48 Precious Scars
12:45 Salvation’s Grip
14:21 No Time to Explain Exotic Catalyst
14:43 Outro and Thank You for Watching!
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39 thoughts on “Beyond Light Exotic Perks and Breakdown (ALL EXOTICS SO FAR) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. Okay Aztec, I know you don't like hunters, but the number of times I've been killed while dodging in crucible probably exceeds most of the other kinds of ways I've been killed. It's like bullet magnetism for precision hits gets ramped up to times 5 while in the middle of the dodge animation, rather than making a hunter harder to hit. Having an actual evasion method sounds fair considering titans are getting an instant 3rd healthbar every time they get their class ability back up.

  2. …what if we could equip full set of Exotics (arm only and/or 2 wep) for at least PvE…I think it would be so much fun to combo some exotic perks together and just shed through everything (maybe buff ads if nessasery) like think about it…sunbraces…Prometheian spure…WOSD…-insert good warlock helm-…sounds like a good time to me…((I haven't tried the other character exotics yet to have a good opinion on what you would run but let me know what you'd do 😕))

  3. I doubt No Time To Explain will be the season-pass exotic, beeeecuse, you get it if you pre-order the deluxe edition (which I have). Why would they give the deluxe owners a season-pass weapon?

  4. Shotguns in this game can go to hell though. The hunter dodges don’t dodge shit in this game though! How the hell is a warlock gonna have Icarus dash and move farther and faster than a hunter that rolls left or right?! It’s bullshit dude.


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