Beyond Light DELAYED! – New Event Revealed! – GM Nightfall Launch! | Destiny 2 News

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New Destiny 2 News update! Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the new Fall Expansion, has been DELAYED, with an all-new Release Date! Season of Arrivals has a New Event, and Grandmaster Nightfalls are launching!





New #Destiny2 video, going over the New Destiny 2 News in today’s weekly update (TWAB) during Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals (New Season 11). The Upcoming Fall DLC, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, has been delayed, and the new Beyond Light Release Date is now November 10th! As such, Season of arrivals will now contain the Festival of the Lost 2020 new event! Grand master Nightfall the ordeals are launching next reset! #Destiny2BeyondLight #Destiny2News

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31 thoughts on “Beyond Light DELAYED! – New Event Revealed! – GM Nightfall Launch! | Destiny 2 News”

  1. I could only stand about 2 minutes of this I don't know why he's talking so slow.
    it's because the new consoles are supposed to come out in November!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t want to freak anyone out, but My cousin who worked at the Pentagon and has been a Ranger for 28 years, he told me that there is a huge comet headed towards Earth that NASA has been tracking and its tail is going to wreak havoc on our Planet…we are talking 100lb rocks being hurled at Earth, millions will die and cities will be destroyed…It is predicted to happen sometime in September-November of this fall and the Govt’s of the World are not telling anyone so society doesn’t panic and then all economies will shut down over night. THIS IS NOT A JOKE..i bet the big wigs at Bungie caught wind of this and are planning on waiting for the chaos to pass before “Business as usual” ….please start storing water, food and medical supplies..I pray that it isn’t that bad and everyone on here stays safe…

  3. Dude what happened my brother I used to watch all of your stuff in D1 but D2 man you kinda dropped off tbh like you got this man just go into more detail and show the actual encounter and what’s happening when you do a guide

  4. Hey so I messed around with a mechaneer’s tricksleeves and surprise attack build on hunter could u mess around with it so we can see max potential please and thank you

  5. After asking people to buy it…lmao
    Bungie = origin.
    Thats dippin into christmas shipping.
    Bad move. New mtb tires instead.
    Maybe late January when prices drop.

  6. I started playing destiny 2 after over a year but am playing in steam with my ps4 acc how does the dlc's work were do I buy them now on ps4 or steam ?? Please someone let me know I don't want to waste over $100 for no reason thank you


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