Beyond Light Bounty + Gear Prep Guide – Destiny 2

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Your seasonal goblin gremlin bounty guide is here. Hopefully for the last time?

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17 thoughts on “Beyond Light Bounty + Gear Prep Guide – Destiny 2”

  1. I have finished almost all of the trials bounties. I didn’t finish super on my main, and ability kill bounty on my warlock. Other than that I have 16weekly total trials bounties

    I’ve been waiting for them to come around again but they haven’t in the past 3 weeks. I’m not complaining too much since I got a break 😂

  2. Not read through the comments & so not sure if nobody has mentioned it, but don’t open your bounties until you reach level 5 on the season pass so you get that exp buff with teammates when you open them. Also make sure you have a ghost that gives you 10% exp on. Every little helps.


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