Armor for/in Beyond Light! Mods and Elements Changed! | Destiny 2 | Mods for Armor in BL Guide!

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In this video we take a new approach on armor. Armor used to be drived by the weapon we wanted to use and since void was GL we always opted for it. But what now since elements won’t determine the weapon mods? We look at the mods affected by elements and what armor pieces should be which element. We also look at the new changes to the mod system and beyond light and how the new mod slots will affect that decision. Overall a lot of good changes that allow us to have one armor set to hit almost every mod.

All information in this video is subject to change come Beyond Light take everything with a grain of salt. These are all interpretations of the latest twab seen here:

Let’s get 10k before Beyond Light!
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  1. Hey man i have a question , i got a really good armor from the last wish raid , and as we know it power cap can go up to 1360 but will it have the legacy mod slot ? Because LW armor are from the 4th season not from 8-11


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