ALL Adept Mods, Perks, & Weapons so far (BREAKDOWN) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Adept Mods, Weapons, and their benefits are available to obtain this week in Trials of Osiris. Today we’ll be giving a breakdown of all things Adept, and hopefully these Adept Mods will be interchangeable with future Adept Palindromes, Swarms, & Shadowprices.
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33 thoughts on “ALL Adept Mods, Perks, & Weapons so far (BREAKDOWN) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light”

  1. What they should do is let you combine an Adept weapon into a non-adept version to make it adept.

    Say you have a god roll Summoner, and a trash adept Summoner. Just combine it into the God roll to enhance it

  2. The same weapons in trials? Also it’s trials, how do you not have a hand canon? The exact same maps and the exact same playlist? Trials should be a completely different experience. Different maps different play.

  3. Some of these adept mods have interesting implications, because the impact mod looks like the sword masterwork, and the draw time is obviously for bows, but there arent currently any adept swords or bows, and the coming adept nightfall loot wont be either of those weapon types either! 🤔

  4. If the i.pact mod is for swords, it's painfully obvious you'd still use boss spec/surrounded? Or am I missing something. An adaptive sword does ~224 dmg with a quick attack to a guardian, so +10 impact means what in crucible??

  5. With sunsetting in place there should never be a "year-long" grind for any weapon in Destiny, even adept ones. Either they slash our weapons and increase our chances at getting the roll we want, or they make grinds take forever like they used to. We can't have the worst of both worlds thrown at us.

  6. I like where your head is cross, but I think adept impact can only get equipped for the fusion rifle. (Due to you only getting impact masterworks for swords, fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles.)


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