5 BEST Weapon Loadouts for BEYOND LIGHT!!!|Destiny 2| Season Of Arrivals

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What are the best weapon loadouts for Destiny 2 Beyond Light this video will tell you if this does end up being one of two parts then the next video will be out soon Beyond light is just a few weeks away and here’s what weapons you should bring to do insane damage
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13 thoughts on “5 BEST Weapon Loadouts for BEYOND LIGHT!!!|Destiny 2| Season Of Arrivals”

  1. Made a couple Mistakes on saying exit strategy and bellowing giant because they are getting cycled out but switch that first one out for Ikelos smg and malfeasance and for the izanagis load out switch bellowing giant out for the Interference 4 heavy grenade launcher make sure it has spike grenades. Sorry for the screw up😁

  2. Man, I know you made mistakes, but you fixed em right up g! I love these loadouts n though some of them r being cycled out, I respect the time and effort you spent putting them together, keep at it! 😀

  3. I respect the effort so heavily. You evidently put a lot of time and effort into this vid. But unfortunately some of these weapons are getting sunset. So I think you should do a re-upload of loadouts without sunsetting weapons. But again. I heavily respect the effort chief. Keep up that grind 👊👍


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