5 Best hand Cannons for Beyond Light pt 2 | Destiny 2

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What’s up people, here is a quick video continuing a look at some Hand Cannons that might be the best going into Beyond Light. Please drop your opinions in the comments below.

How to get…

Nation of Beasts: https://youtu.be/CAe6taA0DLM

True Prophecy: https://youtu.be/5IYUJZo3j3k

Crimson: https://youtu.be/Rbqzvc0Kr9s

Lumina: https://youtu.be/XDIyVLh-Ir8

Malfeasance: https://youtu.be/0X0KdQiV3qw

Thorn: https://youtu.be/HeSpc0nHmPE

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33 thoughts on “5 Best hand Cannons for Beyond Light pt 2 | Destiny 2”

  1. well I got the "NOB" from the chest the other day finally after doing this for so long, both dropped with opening shot, one with kill clip and other with tap… not to bad still trying to get the sniper tho with no luck maybe next reset will give it to me

  2. I’d say Waking Nightmare is gonna be good next season
    It hits like an absolute train and with 110s turning into 120s it’s gonna get lit. Plus you can farm it super reliably off the Lecturn


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